If you want an authentic sauna and are looking for someone with expertise and knowledge that will take you from start to finish in getting you a sauna that is perfect for you, call Timo, the Saunaman: (970) 247-2825

About Timo the Saunaman

Timo the SaunamanTimo Lahdekorpi, an avid sauna aficionado for more than a half century, grew up in Finland and in 1980 made Durango, CO his home with his family. In 1995 Timo became known to local Southwest Colorado homebuilders and others as the “Saunaman” when he started building saunas for customers in Durango and Telluride.

Although building saunas for many years, today Timo focuses on designing and selling authentic Finnish traditional saunas manufactured by industry leading manufacturers like that of the Finnleo Sauna.

Thanks to the Internet, Timo’s services have spread across the nation and beyond.  Over the years, he has sold to thousands of customers around the country from homeowners to builders to governmental entities.

Project sizes range from very small one/two person saunas to large commercial installations.  Per capita, Timo has sold more Finnleo saunas than any other dealer in the nation.

Specifically, what will Timo, the Saunaman, do for you?

  • Custom PikkutonttuDetermine your sauna needs with you
  • Offer you available sauna choices
  • Design the sauna with or for you (for a custom built sauna)
  • Process your purchase with the factory
  • Work with your contractor to get your sauna delivered and built on a timely basis
  • Offer sauna operation/use tips and even on-site sauna lessons, if feasible
  • Provide after-sale follow-up
  • Customer service from start to finish

Be assured that when you buy a sauna from the Saunaman, you will receive an authentic Finnish style traditional sauna with all its benefits for your body, mind and soul.  Call Timo today at (970)247-2825.

About Finnleo

finnleo - your sauna for lifeFinnleo is the best selling sauna brand in the US and is built by
TyloHelo, the world’s largest manufacturer of saunas and sauna heaters and steam generators.  With Finnleo, Timo can offer you the widest selection of high quality sauna products in the industry. If you have any question about which of these saunas best suits your needs, just contact Timo.

Although there are many variations and an infinite number of possibilities, and you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices, authentic Finnleo Saunas will typically fit in the following few categories:

Custom Cut

Pikku Custom Cut

These are Timo, the Saunaman’s specialty! There are a number of people in the sauna industry that are very good at selling a more expensive prefab “box” sauna. Not too many, however, are very knowledgeable when it comes to custom cut kits. Custom made to accommodate your specific design ….. or unique location, Finnleo’s pre-cut saunas are easy to integrate into your home. A custom designed pre-cut sauna package comes with everything you need and ready for installation in the perfect location of your home. With this option not only will you receive a sauna that is cost effective but is guaranteed to fit your needs.


Prefab SaunaThese saunas are built at the factory so that when you receive the sauna package, aside from electrical connections, just assembly is required for you to start enjoying sauna benefits within a matter of hours! Carpentry skills are not a necessary requirement and these saunas can even be taken apart and moved later if needed. Finnleo, through years of sauna design development, offers these factory built hand crafted sauna products that will meet or exceed your expectations. They range in models from smaller sizes that are cozy and practical to larger designer versions that can offer a more refined ambiance.  They can even be made in custom sizes and include personalized features. Whatever your budget is, you can find a model that you will enjoy for years to come.

Outdoor Sauna
Outdoor Saunas

You can choose from custom cut or
pre-fab construction concepts to
build or assemble your own backyard
sauna and allow you to spend quality
time with friends and family.


Pikkutonttu Heater
Depending on your circumstances and
preferences you may want to choose
an electric or a more traditional
wood burning heater for your sauna.

Many sizes and styles are available
and Timo will help you find the right
one for your sauna.



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