If you are looking for expertise and knowledge that will take you from start to finish in building a traditional sauna, you are at the right place!

About Us

Timo Lahdekorpi and his son Erik have nearly a century of combined sauna experience. Both have been taking saunas all their lives and have now teamed together to bring you the best saunas the industry has to offer. Authentic Saunas LLC is an authorized dealer for the world’s (and North America’s) most premium and largest manufacturers of saunas and heaters with TyloHelo’s Finnleo and Helo brands as well as the Harvia and Finlandia brands.


More About Timo, the SaunamanTimo the Saunaman

Timo, an avid sauna aficionado, grew up in Finland and in 1980 made Durango, CO his home with his family. In 1995 Timo became known to local Southwest Colorado homebuilders and others as the ‘Saunaman’ when he started building saunas for customers in Durango and Telluride, CO.

Although continuing to build saunas for many years, today Timo focuses on designing and selling custom built traditional Finnish style saunas manufactured by TyloHelo and Finlandia. (These are not infrared ‘saunas’, which by definition are not saunas, but only called such for marketing purposes.) But TyloHelo’s patented low EMF and low EMR Infrared Therapy Rooms are, however, available from Timo as well.

Thanks to the Internet, Timo’s services have spread across the nation and beyond.  Over the years, he has sold to thousands of customers around the country from homeowners to builders to governmental entities. Project sizes range from very small one/two person saunas to large commercial installations. Timo was recently chosen and given the honor of designing and specifying materials for the restoration of an early 1900’s  log sauna at our National Nordic Museum in Seattle, WA.


More about Erik, Right Hand Man and Son of Saunaman

Being a native Durangoan, Erik graduated from CU Boulder with dual science degrees and spent the last decade working, studying and traveling around the world and experiencing different saunas whenever possible! He has even written a book ‘How to Take a Sauna… The Guide’. Now married, Erik moved back home to Durango and joined his dad in bringing sauna benefits to customers here locally and across the nation. Besides his native English, he also speaks Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese so maybe he could spread sauna joy around the world!  Erik works with all aspects of our near quarter century sauna business.

Meet Jaakko, our new team member!

Jaakko, also a native of Finland, now works with Timo and Erik in a collaborative effort with sales across the US. His background in IT and customer service along with lifelong sauna experience allows us to work together as an efficient team to bring you the best of what saunas have to offer. Timo and Erik will continue to handle our local sauna business as well as custom built saunas throughout the US, but if you are looking at heaters, accessories or prefabricated indoor/outdoor sauna units for other locations, ask for Jaakko. 

Our Sauna Brands:

finnleo - your sauna for life

Finnleo is the top selling sauna brand in the US and is built by TyloHelo, amongst the world’s largest manufacturers of saunas and sauna heaters.  With Finnleo, you get the widest selection of high quality sauna products in the industry. Visit the factory web site at



Helo, over 100 years old, is the best known sauna brand in the world and is proudly built by TyloHelo.  With Helo, you also get the widest selection of high quality sauna products in the industry. Visit the factory web site at



Finlandia Sauna is among the best selling US sauna brands and distributor of Harvia, now the world’s largest sauna heater brand. With Finlandia Sauna, you get a wide selection of high quality time proven Finnish and US made sauna products. Visit the factory web site at



SaunaPro is Authentic Saunas’ own sauna brand label offering you additional flexibility in sauna products choice.  SaunaPro Saunas are built by TyloHelo offering you high quality sauna products at attractive price points.


Sauna Package types:

Pikku Custom Cut

Custom Cut Saunas

These are Timo, the Saunaman’s specialty! It takes years to become as knowledgeable as Timo when it comes to custom cut kits. Custom made to accommodate your specific design….. or unique location, pre-cut saunas are easy to integrate into your home. A custom designed pre-cut sauna package comes with everything you need and ready for installation in the perfect location of your home. With this option not only will you receive a sauna that is cost effective but fits your needs perfectly.

Pre-fab Saunas

Prefab SaunaThese saunas are prebuilt at the factory so that when you receive the sauna package, aside from electrical connections, just assembly is required for you to start enjoying the numerous sauna benefits. (Assembly can even be completed within a matter of a few hours!) Carpentry experience is not necessarily required and these saunas can even be taken apart and moved later if needed. Through years of design development, these are factory built hand crafted sauna products that will surely meet or exceed your expectations. They range in models from smaller sizes that are cozy and practical to larger designer versions that can offer a more refined ambiance.


Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor Saunas

Choose from a number of outdoor sauna designs with pre-fab construction to assemble in your own backyard. Give yourself quality time to spend with friends and family.



Pikkutonttu HeaterDepending on your circumstances and preferences, you may want to choose an electric or a more traditional wood burning heater for your sauna. Many sizes and styles are available.



For Custom Saunas built to your specifications, Timo the Saunaman, will:

….. Determine your sauna needs with you
….. Offer you available sauna choices
….. Design the sauna with you (for a custom built sauna)
….. Get your sauna in the factory build schedule
….. Work with your contractor to get your sauna delivered and built on a timely basis
….. Offer sauna operation/use tips and even on-site sauna lessons, if feasible
….. After sale service
….. Customer service from start to finish ……. and beyond


Call Timo to discuss your custom sauna needs: (970) 247-2825

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