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   Timo Lahdekorpi, an avid sauna aficionado for more than a half century, grew up in Finland and in 1980 made Durango, CO his home with his family. In 1995 Timo became known to local Southwest Colorado homebuilders and others as the “Saunaman” when he started building saunas for customers in Durango and Telluride.

  Although building saunas for many years, today Timo focuses on designing and selling authentic Finnish saunas manufactured by Saunatec.  Thanks to the Internet, Timo’s services have spread across the nation and beyond.  Saunaman has sold to many hundreds of customers around the country from homeowners to builders to governmental entities.   Project sizes range from very small one/two person saunas to large commercial installations.  Per capita, he has sold more Finnleo saunas than any other dealer in the nation. (Low overhead keeps his prices amongst the lowest in the country.) 

   Be assured that when you buy a sauna from the Saunaman, you receive an authentic Finnish style sauna with all its benefits for your body, mind and soul.  If you have a sauna design or construction question, Timo, the Saunaman will typically have the answer.



This is the ancestral sauna (built in the 1800's) the Saunaman's family used years ago in Finland. Today, modern Finnish log saunas, sauna cabins and log homes are available from the Saunaman as well.

What is a Sauna? By definition, a sauna (Finnish word) is a room lined with soft wood and heated by rocks (which are present for producing steam). Both temperature, typically 160F to 240F, and humidity, 15% to 50%, are controlled by the sauna participants. “Dry saunas” are American versions. By definition then, the new “infrared saunas” are not really saunas but called such primarily for marketing purposes to take advantage of the name “sauna” as saunas have for centuries been well documented and acclaimed for their health and wellness benefits.  Although infrareds do share a number of sauna benefits and have their own merits just be aware that on the Internet there is a lot of unsubstantiated and false sales hype about “infrared sauna” superiority over a traditional sauna. Although you can purchase infrared units from the Saunaman, he specializes in and concentrates on offering you the industries’ leading features and benefits in traditional saunas based on your particular needs. 

Why “take” a Sauna? 

Because a sauna…

· makes you sweat to clean you inside out.

· rids your body of toxins, i.e. mercury and lead.

· helps heal skin ailments quickly.

· relieves muscle and joint pain.

· exercises your cardiovascular system.

· increases your resistance to illness.

· releases tension and relaxes you.

· is a great place to socialize.

· is an enjoyable thing to do.

· makes you feel great!! 

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Finnleo  The best selling sauna brand in the US from Saunatec, the world’s largest manufacturer of saunas, sauna heaters and steam generators.

Interior / Exterior Solutions  Finnleo design and quality is evident throughout their product lines.  Features not found anywhere else can be found with Finnleo:  deluxe interior and exterior upgrades, extensive use of glass including all glass front saunas ...YOUR SAUNA DESIGN IS ONLY LIMITED BY YOUR IMAGINATION.

Custom Cut  These are Saunaman’s specialty! There are a number of people in the sauna industry that are very good at selling a more expensive prefab “box” sauna. Not too many, however, are very knowledgeable when it comes to custom cut kits. Custom made to accommodate any standard or special design ….. or unique location, Finnleo’s® pre-cut saunas are easy to integrate into your home. A custom designed pre-cut sauna package that comes with everything you need and ready for installation in the perfect area of your home and is very cost effective as well.

Sisu Prefab/Modular Sauna  Finnleo’s® Sisu series has become the “Classic” of the residential sauna industry. This traditional Finnish Sauna is made exclusively of fine-grained Nordic White Spruce, to provide a light and well-ventilated interior with a subtle hint of deep Finnish Forests. True to Finnleo® design, it is offered in unlimited designs from personal size to club size.

Passport Sauna  Finnleo’s Passport Series has quickly become known as one of the best values in traditional saunas.  Several unique features make it one of the easiest saunas to own – easy to assemble with plug-in simplicity, yet loaded with upgrades usually found only in designer-type saunas.

Designer Sauna  Clean, contemporary styling, highly prized woods, and quality craftsmanship, make a designer Finnish sauna the ultimate in luxury and comfort. A modular, prefab sauna in which each board is individually selected and finished and each door and window handmade to meet the most lavish tastes.

Outdoor Sauna  Spend quality time with friends and family in your backyard sauna. Finnleo’s® superb sauna design, allows this home sauna to tie into its surroundings effortlessly. Doubling as a pool house, they are perfect for entertaining poolside, spa-side, near the patio, or lakeside.

Patio Sauna  The Patio sauna combines the popular characteristics of the Sisu series and the Metro Outdoor series.  It includes simple panel construction and assembly of the Sisu series, but with the integral walls and gable system of the Metro series for a uniquely portable yet, strong and durable outdoor Patio sauna. 

Sauna Heaters  The sauna heater is the heart of the sauna. Built by Saunatec, these heaters are amongst (if not) the best in the world. Backed by the strongest warranty in the industry, Saunatec heaters come available for just about every conceivable application.  Heat Storing Saunatonttu Heaters, Pikkutonttu Heaters and Wood Burning Heaters are also available in several sizes and configurations.

Heater Controls   Whether you want 24 hour programmability, 9 hour preset or simply a 60 minute timer, a number of control choices are available. There is even a simple on/off control for commercial applications.

Accessories  Buckets, ladles, thermometers and other accessories are available separately from the standard sauna package

Pricing   If you live in the Durango/Colorado Four Corners Area - you are lucky! Not only will you be able to purchase the best selling sauna products in the nation at the lowest prices available, but have it shipped at a tremendous freight discount directly to your home. Unfortunately, the factory does not allow any of their dealers to display new product pricing on the web, so please contact us for current pricing.

Shipping   We ship anywhere, and some items can be shipped to you factory direct within 24 hours of order via UPS. Larger items such as sauna kits, commercial electric and wood burning sauna heaters must ship by common carrier. There is typically several weeks lead time (varies by seasonal demand) to ship sauna kits. Infrareds may ship from the factory even sooner. Most shipments will come on a single pallet which will typically fit in a full size pickup truck.

Contact  For more information, pricing and to order, contact Timo, the Saunaman at: 






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Polar Log Home Sauna Cabins   Buy a log sauna cabin factory direct from Finland! You can purchase an existing model (like one in picture on top of page) or have it custom made to suite your needs. Six larger Polar Log Home residences have already been built in the Durango, CO area.

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